Industry 4.0 - We create the future!

Smart factories produce more with higher quality, are more resource efficient and more profitable

Man and robot working side by side – this is the inevitable future. We create the future responsibly by letting robots carry out tasks that are too simple for the human mind and too cumbersome or dangerous for the human body. This means that in the future, factories, shops, restaurants and everyday life, people will be able to focus on providing additional value for their employers.

For decades, our cars have been assembled by industrial robots. We pay for groceries at self-service checkouts.

Our floors are cleaned by robotic vacuum cleaners and our lawns mown by robotic mowers. However, robots can simplify more complicated tasks for humans and with simple, menial jobs, where you need to make decisions based on data analysis or optimize workflow, robots are much faster, efficient and accurate than humans.

People thrive when as many manufacturing and service processes as possible are automated and workers can focus on finding new ideas and opportunities. This is exactly what we want to help entrepreneurs with at Woboton – so clients can add more value while finding better, faster and more resource-efficient solutions.

Woboton wants to make the transition to Industry 4.0 solutions and industrial robots easy and seamless – helping to automate processes and broaden the business vision of what robots can do today.

Industry 4.0 is not the future – it is already reality. The world’s most efficient and profitable manufacturing companies benefit from factories where production activities are not only automated, but industrial robots can make decisions based on real-time information and integrated machine learning is used to increase efficiency.

Smart factories produce more with higher quality, are more resource efficient and more profitable. Industry 4.0 strives for a factory with as few human decisions as possible in the production process.

Thanks to the combined ability of computers and servers to store and process information at a quantity and speed impossible for humans to process, they can quickly find different patterns that contribute more effectively to maintenance, supply chains, and security.

Sales of industrial robots have doubled in the last 5 years, rising 31% last year alone. The best time to invest in industrial robots was yesterday, the next best opportunity is now!

Industry 4.0 has given us:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The ability of computers to perform tasks and make decisions that previously required the help of the human mind.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

A system of human input, data and equipment related to manufacturing processes.

Big data

Large amounts of structured and unstructured data that can be collected, stored, and organized to identify patterns, trends and opportunities.


Machine-to-machine, the ability of two separate machines to share data over the internet.

Smart factory

A factory that is created and upgraded based on Industry 4.0 principles, solutions, and ideas.

Machine learning

The ability of computers to independently learn and evolve with artificial intelligence, without commands or additional programming.

Real-time computing

The ability of computers to collect and process real-time data and optimize work accordingly.

Cyber-Physical Systems

An Industry 4.0 production environment where all manufacturing processes are based on real-time data analysis.

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