Industrial robots for every work process in the factory

At Woboton, we want to find the right solutions for digitalization and robotics that will quickly lead to the highest profitability and productivity growth!

We provide hardware and software solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers because we know what it means for a manufacturing company to have a factory that is at a standstill or otherwise not utilizing its full potential. That’s why simplicity, reliability and low maintenance are paramount in our solutions.

Industry 4.0, smart factories, robotics solutions and digitalization have already changed production processes all around the world. We want Estonian factories to take part in this leap.

Want to upgrade your factory to a new level of quality?

Woboton opens up manufacturing opportunities for you in a new, digitalized industry!

Cartesian Robots

Cartesian robots are one of the most common industrial robots and are often used in CNC benches and 3D printers.

SCARA Robots

SCARA robots are well suited for assembly, sorting, packaging and storage.

Articulated Robots

The most common are 4-6 joint robots. Articulated robots are often used in assembly, arc welding, material handling and packaging.

Cylindrical Robots

These robots are suitable for easy assembly, painting and other simple work in a tight area.

Delta Robots

Delta robots are suitable for precision placement applications in the food, medical and electronics industries.

Collaborative robots i.e cobots

Cobots are able to work safely with humans in the same work environment, and are often utilized to alleviate temporary labour shortages (RaaS).

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