Industrial robots for every work process in the factory

At Woboton, we want to find the right solutions for digitalization and robotics that will quickly lead to the highest profitability and productivity growth!

We provide hardware and software solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers because we know what it means for a manufacturing company to have a factory that is at a standstill or otherwise not utilizing its full potential. That’s why simplicity, reliability and low maintenance are paramount in our solutions.

Industry 4.0, smart factories, robotics solutions and digitalization have already changed production processes all around the world. We want Estonian factories to take part in this leap.

Want to upgrade your factory to a new level of quality?

Woboton opens up manufacturing opportunities for you in a new, digitalized industry!

Cartesian Robots

Cartesian robots are one of the most common industrial robots and are often used in CNC benches and 3D printers.

SCARA Robots

SCARA robots are well suited for assembly, sorting, packaging and storage.

Articulated Robots

The most common are 4-6 joint robots. Articulated robots are often used in assembly, arc welding, material handling and packaging.

Cylindrical Robots

These robots are suitable for easy assembly, painting and other simple work in a tight area.

Delta Robots

Delta robots are suitable for precision placement applications in the food, medical and electronics industries.

Collaborative robots i.e cobots

Cobots are able to work safely with humans in the same work environment, and are often utilized to alleviate temporary labour shortages (RaaS).

Woboton collaborates with the world’s leading providers of robotic hardware and software

About Woboton

Woboton is part of the Atemix Industrial Automation Group. For more than 18 years we have been partners with industrial companies to increase productivity and profitability. Knowing the ins and outs of the factories, we see that the biggest growth potential of manufacturing companies today is the introduction of digitalisation, industrial automation, modern industrial software, industrial robots and robotic production lines.

Why choose Woboton?

We will help you integrate robotic solutions into your manufacturing processes from start to finish:

We conduct digital audits

We identify your production bottlenecks and cost holes, causes production stoppages, and propose solutions to solve these problems quickly and efficiently with smart manufacturing

Industrial robots and RaaS

We integrate, configure, and service industrial robots. We provide flexible Robots as a Service (RaaS) to make industrial robot solutions accessible to everyone

We help clients gain grants

We help clients gain support from Enterprise Estonia, Archimedes Foundation, EIC and others for the implementation of industrial robots and digitalization solutions

Flexible financing

We offer flexible financing options for both RaaS and purchasing robots

We take factories to the next level, especially in the areas with the highest growth potential for manufacturing companies: Industry 4.0, robotics and digitalization.

We create robotics solutions in partnership with the world's leading providers of robotic hardware and software - making our solutions dependable and easy to manage and maintain.

As a member of the Atemix Industrial Automation Group, we have the know-how, experienced technicians, high-quality partners and the ability to take factories to the next level. Want to be at the forefront of industry and manufacturing? Woboton is a leader in industrial robot solutions in Estonia!

Time is the most valuable thing in production!

Our equipment is complicated. Up to now, the local market has been short of competence for maintaining it. You can’t always count on the fact that the manufacturer will come quickly from somewhere far away and fix it. It’s good to have help nearby. And help from Atemix has been efficient. Their advantage is that if they don’t know something, they’ll learn it quickly – and things work!
Kuldar Timmusk - Engineering and Administration manager of Salvest AS

When the boys at Atemix start something, they’ll also finish it!

We’ve done quite big things together. We put the oil refinery into operation and added the new SCADA.Wherever I am, I can now access my factory from anywhere with the computer! Production takes place 24/7.If we have an emergency there’s a person at Atemix who picks up the phone and helps to solve the situation.
Ants Puusta - Board member of Scanola Baltic AS

Modern forage industry means great precision.

At times, dosing active substances is done from 10 grams per ton – for that we need complicated automation solutions. In cooperation with foreign partners, Atemix has managed to provide us such solutions and a long-term maintenance agreement offers confidence with the future.
Villu Värv - Board member of Agrovarustus OÜ

Cooperation with Atemix has made us smarter.

Now we know which solutions are possible for our factory specifically! The effectiveness obtained exceed our expectations. It’s good to know that Atemix contributes towards our goals with the same passion as we do. We recommend them!
Ando Jukk - Executive director of UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS

Industry 4.0 - We create the future!

Smart factories produce more with higher quality, are more resource efficient and more profitable

Man and robot working side by side – this is the inevitable future. We create the future responsibly by letting robots carry out tasks that are too simple for the human mind and too cumbersome or dangerous for the human body. This means that in the future, factories, shops, restaurants and everyday life, people will be able to focus on providing additional value for their employers.

For decades, our cars have been assembled by industrial robots. We pay for groceries at self-service checkouts.

Our floors are cleaned by robotic vacuum cleaners and our lawns mown by robotic mowers. However, robots can simplify more complicated tasks for humans and with simple, menial jobs, where you need to make decisions based on data analysis or optimize workflow, robots are much faster, efficient and accurate than humans.

People thrive when as many manufacturing and service processes as possible are automated and workers can focus on finding new ideas and opportunities. This is exactly what we want to help entrepreneurs with at Woboton – so clients can add more value while finding better, faster and more resource-efficient solutions.

Woboton wants to make the transition to Industry 4.0 solutions and industrial robots easy and seamless – helping to automate processes and broaden the business vision of what robots can do today.

Industry 4.0 is not the future – it is already reality. The world’s most efficient and profitable manufacturing companies benefit from factories where production activities are not only automated, but industrial robots can make decisions based on real-time information and integrated machine learning is used to increase efficiency.

Smart factories produce more with higher quality, are more resource efficient and more profitable. Industry 4.0 strives for a factory with as few human decisions as possible in the production process.

Thanks to the combined ability of computers and servers to store and process information at a quantity and speed impossible for humans to process, they can quickly find different patterns that contribute more effectively to maintenance, supply chains, and security.

Sales of industrial robots have doubled in the last 5 years, rising 31% last year alone. The best time to invest in industrial robots was yesterday, the next best opportunity is now!

Industry 4.0 has given us:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The ability of computers to perform tasks and make decisions that previously required the help of the human mind.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

A system of human input, data and equipment related to manufacturing processes.

Big data

Large amounts of structured and unstructured data that can be collected, stored, and organized to identify patterns, trends and opportunities.


Machine-to-machine, the ability of two separate machines to share data over the internet.

Smart factory

A factory that is created and upgraded based on Industry 4.0 principles, solutions, and ideas.

Machine learning

The ability of computers to independently learn and evolve with artificial intelligence, without commands or additional programming.

Real-time computing

The ability of computers to collect and process real-time data and optimize work accordingly.

Cyber-Physical Systems

An Industry 4.0 production environment where all manufacturing processes are based on real-time data analysis.

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We strive for a factory where complex processes can be solved easily - increasing the productivity up to 40%




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